Developed in the US, XEN-TAN has established itself in the UK, boasting Awards, accolades and a whole host of celebrities as die-hard fans.

XEN-TAN delivers a beautiful, even and natural looking olive tan, which lasts up to 10 days. The products are obviously equally fabulous from the AHA free moisturizers (which enhances the tan) to the tanning solution which smells fantastic (unlike some other brands!).

We can also deepen the colour of your tan by adding some ‘bronzing mist concentrated drops’ or even ‘contouring’ the tan to add definition to specific body areas.

£35.00 ea  |  £110 (course of 4)

More about Xen Tan

Who are Xen-Tan?
Founded in the USA, Xen-Tan is the brainchild of a group of dedicated self-tanners who were unhappy with the dry skin, orange finish, bad odours and mess that often came with fake tanning products. So they developed a range that was easy to use, smelled fantastic, left their skin nourished and guaranteed the most flawless, healthy-looking tan every time. Once they discovered the key to creating the sun-kissed glow they all loved, they were delighted. So they decided to share it.

After proving such a hit in the US, the Xen-Tan range was brought to the UK and Europe by beauty specialists Natalie Roche Limited. And it’s fast becoming the brand of choice for fake tan lovers and celebrities alike, along with leading beauty experts from the fashion, TV, music and film industries.

A flawless olive colour that always draws admiring glances
Xen-Tan really is different to anything else on the market, ensuring the most natural looking tan that’s perfect for any skin tone. Sunless tanning isn’t just about looking great, it’s about feeling great too, which is why we’ve developed a range of products that deliver exactly what your clients want:

  • Natural live glow
  • Streak-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Fades perfectly
  • Smells delicious

Getting it right is about more than just colour. It’s about feeling fantastic on the inside too
Thanks to Xen-Tan’s unique moisture-rich formula and time-release ingredient, we’ve been able to include even more DHA (the active tanning ingredient) in our products than ever before, meaning a longer lasting, more natural and beautifully even result, that complements skin tone and fade evenly too. Even the fairest of skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan.

So much safer
In light of media stories reporting that sunless tanning products are unsafe, we would like to assure you that Xen-Tan products do not contain any toxic ingredients. Xen-Tan have been very careful to create high-quality and safe products that support healthy skin and we will continue to do so.

Here is an overview on some of the skin care benefits in our products:

  • Green Tea – helps to fight free radicals that cause damage to the skin. It helps to neutralize UV light and is an antioxidant. It’s also very soothing.
  • Vitamin A – is an antioxidant and is vital for growth, maintenance and health of the skin.
  • Vitamin E – helps to balance the skin and works as an antioxidant and helps to prevent cellular damage.
  • Shea Butter – is an excellent moisturizer extracted from a nut from the Karite tree.  It helps with cellular restoration and is healing and provides elasticity to the skin.
  • Gingko Biloba – helps to strengthen fragile skin. It helps increase collagen and balances skin texture.

Winner of over 18 industry awards
Xen-Tan has already received a stack of prestigious beauty awards, including Harpers Bazaar’s Best Self-Tan 2012, Harpers Bazaar’s Best Self-Tan 2009, Elle Beauty’s Best-Ever Beauty Buys 2009 and Handbag.com’s Readers’ Choice Best Self-Tan 2009.


How does Xen-Tan give such a natural-looking tone?
The secret to Xen-Tan’s success is the increased levels of DHA, the active tanning ingredient. DHA is released slowly over time to give a deeper, richer olive tone that lasts longer. Our unique formula contains a special time release agent called Lexorez, which means we can include much higher levels of DHA. Combined with premium moisturisers that are absorbed naturally into the skin, the result is a smoother, more even sunless tan.

How long does Xen-Tan last for?
Once applied, Xen-Tan Dark and Medium products create an instant, seductive colour that intensifi es over the next 8 hours, whereas if you opt for a Light/Gradual product, your colour will start to develop within 3-4 hours, and will continue deepening for the next 4 hours. You’ll then be getting envious looks and adoring glances for up to ten days, which can be extended using our Transform gradual tanner as a tan extender.

Why does Xen-Tan last longer than other brands?
It’s quite simple really: many existing brands use fruit acids to remove unwanted skin cells from the surface of your body. These fruit acids, whilst effective, also make your tan fade faster and dry out your skin. So we’ve removed all fruit acids from our body tanning products and enriched our formula with moisturisers that retain your glow for longer.

Is Xen-Tan suitable for very fair skin?
Of course. Our products are specially formulated to work with your natural colour. That means it will blend in seamlessly regardless of your skin tone, leaving you with an exquisite tan and a radiant smile.

Do you have to sleep in it like other self-tanning formulas?
No. Unlike other fake tans, our Dark and Medium products give an instant, pure colour that becomes richer over time, while our Light/Gradual products take just 3-4 hours to start developing. And because every product in the range is beautifully scented, they’re a pleasure to use any time of day. Ideal if you want to look sensational and feel amazing in no time at all.

Can Xen-Tan be used by people with dry skin?
Xen-Tan is packed with moisturisers that penetrate deep into your skin to prevent dry patches from occurring. This also makes it easier to apply to problem areas like hands and feet. So once you’re done, all you’re left with is a sensational look and dreamy smooth skin. Nothing more, nothing less.



Tip no 1 - Exfoliate first

The better your canvas is to start with – the better your tan will be! That’s why our number one tip is to prep your skin properly first. Any scrub or loofah will do. Scrubs or primers will help remove dull, dead and older skin cells. This creates a smoother surface to apply tanner to and, because the new cells won’t shed so fast, your tan will last longer. Massaging vigorously at this stage on problem areas will also help increase blood flow. This can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as you prime the skin. Prep the skin at least a few hours before applying a tanner. It isn’t a good idea to tan straight after a shower or scrub as the skin needs to calm down again first. Make sure there are no oil residudes left over from shower gels or primers before adding tanners to the skin as these can act like a barrier to the tanner.

Tip no 2 - Look for the natural alternatives

No-one should be putting chemical DHAs on their skin anymore as there are now tanners available that use a tanning agent that works naturally with your skin to create a far more natural looking colour. A great advantage is that these natural agents don’t smell so strongly of that awful fake tan smell. All Skinny Tan tanners are made with a seed tanner plus they also use naturally derived Guarana that together with the tan will help make cellulite look visibly smoother and less obvious.

Tip no 3- Prolong your colour

To make sure your tan endures, you need to keep the skin hydrated. Drink lots of water and apply moisturisers.

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