Age prevention for every skin
type and condition

Skinovage treatments

The BABOR Research and Innovation Center has developed the multifunctional care system SKINOVAGEPX: It balances natural, skin type-related skin deficiencies and activates the skin’s own mechanisms. With its highly effective formulas, it offers an individual solution for the daily care of the following skin types and conditions:

Dry  |  Sensitive

Combination / Oily

Skin in need of regeneration

Prescriptive Vita Balance Facial

VITA BALANCE is a complete care system for dry skin, which contains special active ingredients to maintain the correct dosage of both moisture and lipids, and to stimulate the skin’s own mechanisms for the production of moisture and/or lipids.

Benefits of the range:

VITA BALANCE restores the skin’s oil and moisture levels, making the skin appear more supple and elastic. Feelings of tightness and dryness lines are effectively reduced over the long-term – for the reassuring feeling of a gently cared-for complexion.

Prescriptive Advanced Biogen Facial

ADVANCED BIOGEN is a complete care system for stressed, tired skin in need of regeneration. It uses specialactive ingredients to stimulate the skin’s metabolism, activate cell regeneration and vitalize the complexion.

Benefits of the range:

ADVANCED BIOGEN lends the skin new strength and energy. It activates the metabolism and intensively stimulates cell generation and skin renewal. For a visibly revived and rosy fresh, youthful appearance.

Prescriptive Perfect Combination Facial

PERFECT COMBINATION regulates the skin’s oil and moisture content in a particularly intelligent way. Dry areas are intensively moisturized, while the sebum flow is reduced over the long term in oily patches of skin. In addition, the pores are clearly refined. The complexion appears visibly balanced, even and mattified.

Benefits of the range:

PERFECT COMBINATION is a complete care system for combination / oily skin. It uses special active ingredients to fulfill the skin care needs in a unique, intelligent way. Dry areas of skin are intensively moisturized, while excess sebum is removed from oily areas. In addition, the skin’s own mechanisms that ensure a smooth, even and fine-pored complexion are activated.


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