Face & Body Treatments


Listen up gentlemen

It’s time you got up to speed with taking more care of yourself!

In today’s fast-paced world, opportunities to relax and unwind are few and far between. Whether you are getting that quick-fix treatment in your busy schedule or taking some ‘me time’ to relax and be groomed, our wonderful therapists will be completely focussed on ensuring the time you spend with us provides an unrivalled experience.

Gents Facials

When time is short and you need to look your best, this deep cleansing and brightening facial will leave your skin looking clean and luminous. The results are a clear, clean and bright complexion, full of health and vitality.

An intensive treatment that incorporates steaming, extraction and hot towel compresses, alongside facial massage and a freshwater mud mask, leaving a super clean and fresh skin.

For the ultimate in relaxation and well-being. This lovely pamper from Aromatherapy Associates luxurious Men’s range ‘Refinery’ begins with a back cleanse and exfoliation that refreshes the skin. Bringing relief to an over active mind this treatment then continues with a back massage and therapeutic scalp massage to pinpoint areas of stress and tension.

A deep cleansing facial follows using an exotic blend of the finest essential oils leaving your complexion bright, hydrated and refreshed!

Go on….. prolong the pampering time and let your back have a treat as well!

Add to any Aromatherapy Facial for that extra attention to the area around the eyes

Gents Body treatments

An intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight, aching muscles, to instantly release pain and tension.

A stress busting massage using a combination of oils and techniques that works on the muscular tissue of the neck, shoulders and scalp. Improves circulation and promotes general well being.

Designed for backs prone to blemishes and oiliness, this treatment restores skin, leaving it smooth, glowing and flawless.

Waxing & IPL / Laser Hair Removal


These days, plenty of men are opting for waxing and IPL hair removal to give a cleaner and well-groomed appearance. Other reasons can be to remove unsightly patches of hair growth and to increase sex appeal and self-confidence.

There are several methods of hair removal; we offer two varieties:-
Waxing, where the hairs will grow back pretty much the same over time and
IPL Hair Removal, that blasts energy from the Intense Pulsed Light into the melanin layer effectively killing the surrounding hair follicles.Hair growth will be both lightened as well as permanently reduced.

Many women now prefer groomed, less or no body hair at all, so if it is your back, neck, arms, chest, ‘mono-brow’ or intimate waxing get in touch and we will be happy to schedule a free Consultation.

Gents Waxing
Eyebrows £16 £17
Back £39 £49.50
Chest £35 £47

Gents IPL

Buy a course and get 1 Treatment FREE

A free patch test must be carried out 24 hrs before your appointment
Gents – please don’t shave the area(s) before the patch test. However please do shave the area(s) the evening before the treatment.

Centre Brow £50 £250
Neck Front / Back £60 £300
Chest £100 £500
Abdomen £100 £500
Chest & Abdomen £170 £850
Full Arm £170 £850
Lower Arm £100 £500
Lower Arm with Hands £130 £650
Full Back £180 £900
Back & Shoulders £225 £1125

Gents Hands & Feet


Sit back and relax in one of our state-of-the-art pedi chairs. Take control of the remotes, one for the DVD player and the other for chair; get comfy and enjoy the back-cushion roller and massage functions with upper and lower back massage therapy and a heated seat pad whilst we take care of your hands or feet.

The hand treatment includes an exfoliating scrub and a massage to soothe and hydrate hard working hands

The ultimate grooming treatment for tired and aching feet. We will firstly remove hardened skin followed by a therapeutic and soothing foot massage

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